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SMUDGE Wax Melts | Sacred Palo Santo

SMUDGE Wax Melts | Sacred Palo Santo

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The Wax Melt version of our #1 Best Seller.

Meet your new favorite fragrance.  An absolute must if you like earthy/woodsy scents.

Forget the world's troubles and take some well-deserved me-time to clear your mind and purify your space with the sacred scent of Palo Santo.  A beautiful alternative to traditional smudging, our Smudge Wax Melts combine the healing power of Palo Santo with a sprinkle of real lavender, both known for their energy cleansing properties.  In

Let our Smudge Wax Melts help you remove negative energy, bring a spiritual calm to your surroundings, and transform your space into your own personal Heaven.

Our Smudge Wax Melts are infused with real Palo Santo shavings and lavender.

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  • 100% Natural Soy Wax
  • 2.6 oz. | 68 g
  • Lovingly hand-poured in Houston, TX